access to capital for diverse businesses

"ACCESS TO CAPITAL" -  Walking around W/MBE networking events we hear it all too often.  Business owners have the contracts, networking to submit RFI's, etc. but often times they are not well capitalized.  It is a common theme among diverse businesses.  Being a diverse finance business we understand the complexities of credit, financial statements, collateral and offer our knowledge to other business owners.  We have many of the solutions that owners need to keep their operations going.

Our finance solutions are a resource for these businesses.  Whether your business needs equipment or in need of a line of credit, we are here to assist.  


Gavin Herrera, Vice President


Equipment Finance

You landed a large contract and are in need of financing new equipment.  Our platform consists of many options to take advantage of during your application process.

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Along with the new contract and equipment there may be a need for working capital until your receivables come in during your growth periods.  This is a non-debt based option where your debt ratios are not affected.  Many large corporations utilize similar products.

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PO Finance

You just received a contract with a large company and need working capital for inventory, materials, etc.  We can offer an upfront solution for your business to cover these costs.  This pairs well with our factoring program.

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Working Capital

These can offer short and long term solutions for your company.  They usually take less than 24 Hours to fund but pricing will reflect the risk involved.  It can be secured or unsecured depending on the need.

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We partner with many suppliers who sell to corporations and offer them a value-added solution.  LakeView Leasing can be your in-house leasing company.  You can have an appearance of a larger organization.

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